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Day 1 - Disconnected, but unaware

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Most of us think that we are connected sufficiently to our emotions to navigate life and all its experiences. It's often not until we do intentional work that we realize that we are not leveraging all the insight that our emotions bring to us.

In this video we will discuss -

  • The three ways of knowing that humans rely on.

  • The impact of having a repressed center of intelligence.


1. Identify and write down two to five emotions you tend to downplay or detach from and two to five emotions you are more likely to feel and embrace.

2. See attached "30 ways to connect more deeply with your instinct, thinking and feelings." Read through the section related to your repressed center and select ONE practice to intentionally include in your routine this week.

30 ways to connect more deeply with your
Download • 3.34MB

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