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DAY 6 - THE 411 - Observing Anxiety & Shame within me.

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

In THE 411 today, Judith talks with Monique about a time she was stressed and how it included her feeling anxiety and shame. In all honesty, we edited out some moments when Judith became resistant to sharing and acknowledging these emotions. This looked like glazing over Monique's questions and deflecting with anecdotes she felt more comfortable sharing. But off camera Monique challenged her a bit, and we started rolling the cameras again.

Encouraging you to find a trusted friend to join you as you reflect on a season when you were in stress (remember what that looks like for your Enneagram type). Someone who will ask open-ended questions to help you dig below the surface.

Growth Challenge

  • Talk with a friend about a time you were stressed and identify some of what you felt in that season. Do you notice a similar pattern of these feelings and responses when you reflect on other in situations?

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