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DAY 4 - Growing in EQ

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

We all have strengths and blindspots as it concerns our Emotional Intelligence or EQ. In this session we will discuss the components of EQ and how becoming more intimate with our emotions will lead us to strengthening our EQ.

"The more intimate we are with our emotions, the more adept we’ll be in both containing and expressing them, so that their presence serves rather than hinders us and those with whom we’re in contact." Robert Augustus

Do watch our video below as we talk about the connection between Emotional Intimacy and EQ.

You've probably heard of the term Emotional Intelligence or EQ. It became immensely popular term after Daniel Goleman’s published his book entitled “Emotional Intelligence” in 1995. This along with follow-up publications resulted in EQ being seen as a desired character trait of a good leader.

If you haven’t read his article on “What is a Leader” you can find a link to the article by clicking here.

In The 411 today we talk about strengths and blindspot each Enneagram Type may have as it relates to Goleman's five components of Emotional Intelligence.

Growth Challenge

Choose ONE of the 5 components of Emotional Intelligence to actively practice this week

.Ask yourself some of these processing questions:

  • Self-Awareness

Pause, take a few deep breathes, and ask yourself what you are feeling in the moment? What cues are you receiving from your body? What situation(s) is influencing that feeling? What do you observe in others?

  • Self-Regulation

When you have identified how you're feeling. How would you normally respond to this feeling? How would you like to respond? How might your response affect others? What kind of support do you need?

  • Social Skills

What social cues am I observing? What are they communicating? Are there any social cues I might have missed? What is my body language communicating?

  • Empathy

Did I listen to understand; without trying to immediately offer solutions? Did I ask questions that would give me greater insight into what the person is experiencing? Am I able to imagine myself in their position and feel what they might be feeling?

  • Motivation

What goals am I currently pursuing? Am I passionate about these goals? What are some of the possible or current obstacles? What is my driving force? Are some internal vs external? What internal resolve can I make to keep me encouraged when things become difficult? What support do I need?

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