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DAY 5 -Waking up to your Feelings

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

There are so many good reasons why we need to connect more with our emotions. Here is one reason from the book "Why Emotions Matter"

"... feeling, expressing, and interpreting emotion is built into our brains. It’s a central part of who we are as humans. We can’t remove it and expect to still connect well with others."

In our video today, we breakdown what feelings are and start the work of identifying them. For those who in some way live dissociated with their emotions, we have built patterns that reinforce this separation. The challenge is to build our self-awareness so we can recognize these patterns and do something different.

Growth Challenge

  • Find a Feelings Wheel that you like and save it to your phone.

  • Listen again to the section about your stress path and identify what your behavior looks like when you're stressed.

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