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~ INDIVIDUAL coaching


Right at this moment, you’re making conscious and subconscious decisions that could be leading you away from your purpose, and the best version of you.


M.O.V.E. consists of SEVEN Gospel-centered Coaching Sessions designed to help you understand yourself more deeply by using the Enneagram and implementing Life-Giving Habits, so you can have healthier relationships at work and home and live out your purpose with courage.

INCLUDES   - Seven 50-60 minute virtual sessions scheduled over 3 months.

                      - Weekly guide sheets and assignments.

                      - Accountability via text and email.

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Have a couples group that would benefit from a Couples Enneagram Workshop?


Learn more about your spouse while also learning more about yourself.

We create space for you to discuss your strengths and struggles and how those could be showing up in your relationship. You will leave with greater clarity on each others core motivations and a few suggestions to guide your growth journey.


This 2-hour workshops can be held virtually or in-person.

Set-up a discovery call to find out more.



Coming Soon.

what people are saying

Type 5


Judith’s insightful coaching led me to many “aha” moments regarding my spiritual walk and relationships with my husband, friends, and family. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in personal transformation that integrates the Christian Faith. 

Type 7


The enneagram personality typology was super eye opening to me, and allowed for deep self reflection and self awareness. It has led me on a positive trajectory for my life and has excited me about the open possibilities it has presented.


Judith's coaching was calm, focused and attentive; she was excellent at guiding me through this self analysis. I have worked alongside both herself and Monique and have been recommending this coaching to friends and family. 

Type 1


The Enneagram has been a great tool in helping me become more self- aware, connect with others in a more insightful way and to understand God's purpose in creating me.


Judith has been extremely personable, non-judgmental and encouraging. Judith gave clear, honest guidance which resulted in our sessions being impactful and transformative. 

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